Energy Management

WEM is dedicated to serving the energy improvement needs of buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. Specializing in multi-residential and
commercial buildings, we help owners and managers seize the most advantageous opportunities for lowering utility costs, at the same time achieving healthier and more
sustainable buildings.

At WEM we are technology and manufacturer neutral – our advice and services are guided on what is best for your building and the way that you operate.


Energy Consultation


comprehensive energy management consultation and services so that you can achieve
your goals for both financial and environmental sustainability.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy management and monitoring
  • Retrofit project planning and implementation
  • Demand Response planning and implementation
  • Energy community planning
  • Risk and asset management
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Information management
  • Market surveys and intelligence analyses
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Performance measurements (using Measurement & Verification protocols)
  • Incentive eligibility and applications
  • Customer services

As part of our customer offering we specialize in technology-based solutions in the following areas: EE4 & eQUEST Energy modeling,Variable Frequency Drives, Pumping Systems Control,  Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Control. Very importantly, we will guide you through a wide spectrum of government-sponsored incentive programs, offering resources and assistance to maximize the outcome of their projects.



Why invest in demand management now?

Under a structured demand managemnt program, your organization may be eligible to participate in reducing its energy use during periods of peak demand. In exchange, you will get an incentive rate. In addition to the incentive, demand management  program requirement will effectively contribute in upgrading your electrical infrastructure to be more reliable, up to date with latest safety and engineering codes and be more resilient to power outages.


Contact us now and we can help you take the first step.

Corporate News


WEM entered contract with Iraqi Water Resources Directorates in 2019/2020 to supply profiling systems for irrigation & drainage water channels  in corporation with TYLEDYNE MARINE-USA


WEM etered contract to develop a new five storeys medical building in Richmond Hill


WEM completed in 2019 the design-build constrcution project for comemrcial building in Kitchener-Ontario. 





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