Akon Water Flow Systems

Represnted in Canada by Waterton Engineering, Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o. is a Czech based company involved in the design, production, distribution of electromagnetic flowmeters & our range of products are complimented with ultrasonic flowmeters, level meters, Parshall flumes and flow indicators.

Arkon offer a flexible approach to customers needs, by offering customized solutions for each application.

Arkon offers its products via a worldwide distributor network. Our products are used in over 20 countries with applications such as Water Treatment & Distribution, Waste Water Management, Irrigation, Mining & Chemical Industry as well as projects where efficiency and accuracy coupled with smart technology matters the most.





The MAGX2 is an improved version of MAGX1. It continues with the philoshophy of the modular design „plug and play“ keeping all its advantages with a few additional improvements to satisfy the feedback received from our distributors. It is a flexible device suitable for most applications, from the most simple ones where reading are checked visually to the most demanding, ones requiring a high technical solution such as GPRS or TCP/IP communication. The basic configuration consist on the transmitter including only display and buttons to guarantee the lowest price. Then is possible to add a widen range of modules to that basic configuration to add optional features as ouputs, communications or data-loging according each application requirements. Those features are added by extra modules which are in fact a small electronic boards, the size of a large postage stamp, which can be freely installed and removed from the main board in seconds. 

Corporate News

WEM started in 2017 a new design-build constrcution project for comemrcial building in Kitchener-Ontario. proejct is estimated to complete end of 2018



WEM office in Baghdad has been established in 2014 offering engineering  services & water systems equipment to Iraqi municipal and privit sectors.


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